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COVID-19 Action Plan

March 19, 2020

HAE Staff:

As you all know, we are in a State and National Emergency concerning the Coronavirus. As such, efforts to minimize the spread of the virus have been introduced (see attached letter). Thus far, we have discontinued any inspections and restricted in person contact with members of the public. The ACC maintenance staff has provided daily surface cleansing, and contracted services for routine disinfecting has been procured.  

While we seek continuity and limited interruptions to the services that we provide, inevitably the operating procedures that we have adopted due to these extraordinary circumstances will present challenges to our services delivery. Certain transactions will be impacted by our limited operating scope.  


  • HUD has placed a moratorium on inspections until further notice. HAE will cease all unit inspections until further notice.
  • Inspections for currently issued vouchers will proceed on a limited basis as not to create any situation of homelessness for a participant. Inspectors must first have protective wear for hands, shoes, and face prior to proceeding. Any environment in which adequate social distancing cannot be assured may be considered not suitable for HAE staff to inspect.
  • Annual and unit transfers inspection will not proceed until further notice.
  • Exigent health and safety concerns will be referred to HUD staff for further follow-up.

Voucher Issuances

  • No vouchers will be issued for portability, unit transfer, or new admissions until further notice.

Tenant Briefings

  • No tenant briefings will be scheduled until further notice.


  • HAE staff will prioritize the processing of changes in family status that involved a loss of household income, especially if the loss of income resulted from employment circumstances effective by the COVID-19 virus.
  • Per HAE administrative policy, all decrease interims will be performed for a loss of income that persists for 30 days or greater.
  • HAE will accept self-certifying documents. Upfront income verifications, pay stubs and letters from employers will are preferred methods of verification.
  • All other changes in family status will be processed accordingly.
  • Documentation should be submitted to the HAE drop box in the lobby of 130 State Street. Forms are available on HAE website and the HAE lobby.   


  • Annual Reexaminations will continue to be facilitated via US Postal mail.

Informal Hearings

  • No informal hearings will proceed until further notice.
  • Any scheduled informal hearings will be postponed until a date to be determined.

Paid Time Off

  • Health and safety remain the paramount concern. In the event that any employees should need to stay home to care for family members, please follow current procedures to notify your supervisor.
  • Any employee that is currently feeling sick should contact their medical providers prior to returning to work.
  • In aforementioned situations, the employee’s paid time off will be applied.
  • Working remotely will be accommodated when applicable.

Community Resources

Center for Disease Control & Prevention

Illinois Department of Public Health

HUD COVID-19 Resource Page

Greater Elgin Family Care Centers

HAE will continue to monitor developments and provide updates to this document as needed. Further social distancing, self-isolation, or shelter in-place directives may become an imperative at any point in the near future.

Thank you for your commitment of service to the greater Elgin community in these unprecedented times.

Sincerest Regards,

M. Armstrong

Martell Armstrong

Chief Executive Officer, Housing Authority of Elgin


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