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Public Notice: Waitlist Opening Notice


Opening of the



For the first time in 11 years The Housing Authority of Elgin will temporarily be accepting pre-applications for the HOUSING CHOICE VOUCHER PROGRAM (Section 8) ONLINE on:

September 10, 2018 at 5:00am until

September 12, 2018 at 5:00pm

This will be a fully web-based pre-application process. Pre-applications will be available and accepted ONLINE ONLY.  5:00p.m. on September 12, 2018 the waiting list will close and only 600 pre-applications will be chosen through a computerized, random lottery system. Officials at the Housing Authority of Elgin have chosen to utilize this random lottery system to determine order of placement on the waiting list. Because it is a computerized, random lottery system, there is no advantage to those that apply first or last. Current applicants already on the waiting list will be served first and will not need to reapply.

On the above mentioned dates, APPLY ONLINE at:

The link to apply will be available on the home page of HAE’s website. You will need to click the link and follow the online instructions.

An informational meeting has been scheduled to address any questions from the public. This meeting has been scheduled for Saturday August 18, 2018 at 8:30 am at the Elgin Township located at 729 S McLean Blvd, Elgin, IL 60123.

PLEASE NOTE: If you require reasonable accommodation to utilize our application process, please submit your request in writing to the address listed below BEFORE August 31, 2018. You must include your Name and Address in your request. Any requests received on or after August 31, 2018 will not be honored.

Waitlist Opening Notice